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Janet Flight Schedules

Janet Flight Schedules

Partial List, collected January/February 1995. Arrival times are the earliest possible: Actual gate-to-gate time is 30-45 minutes depending on routing and traffic. Times at Groom and Tonopah have been inferred from Las Vegas times, consistant with previously observed transit times. It is possible that jets are being diverted enroute to other destinations, but this has not yet been detected. All of these schedules operate with the above 737-200s. These flights have changed from the 1995 Schedule.

The schedule below is based on these observations.

Las Vegas to Groom Lake
Flt #  Lv. L.V. Arr. Groom Comments
-----  -------- ---------- ----
301   4:30 am   5:00 am Stable
302   5:30 am   6:00 am Stable
303   6:00 am   6:30 am 6:30a departure also observed
304   6:30 am   7:00 am
305   7:15 am   7:45 am 7:30a departure also observed
306   8:00 am   8:30 am Stable
307   8:30 am   9:00 am
308   11:00 am   11:30 am Not yet confirmed in 1996
309   2:15 pm   2:45 pm
311   4:00 pm   4:30 pm
312   4:15 pm   4:45 pm
313   7:00 pm   7:30 pm
Groom Lake to Las Vegas
Flt #  Lv. Groom Arr. L.V. Load
-----  --------- --------- -----
405    4:30 pm  4:50 pm

Las Vegas to Tonopah Test Range
Flt #  Lv. L.V.  Arr. TTR Comments
-----  -------   -------- ----
701   5:00 am   5:30 am
702   5:45 am   6:15 am
703   7:45 am   8:15 am
704   7:50 am   8:20 am
705   1:45 pm   2:15 pm
706   3:15 pm   3:54 pm
707   5:15 pm   5:45 pm
Tonopah Test Range to Las Vegas
Flt #  Lv. TTR  Arr. L.V. Comments
-----  -------   -------- -----

 Reader Comments Regarding "Janet Flight Schedules" - Latest First
Recent Departures

I work right by McCarren Airport and recently have noticed the Janet takeoff patterns. They are regularly taking off into the SW direction off airstrip. Even if normal air traffic is using other directions based on winds, etc. Once airborne I would have expected them to turn and head towards Test Site/Groom Lake area. But they continue towards CA border. Is this in reference to China Lake? I'm not up on all this Area 51 stuff, but have noticed the flights are now all heading this way....just my observations.

-- Vegas4BOC 4/28/99 (#5)
Friday 4/9 & Sturday 4/10/99 Observations

Janet B-737 departed McCarran Int'l 3:30 PM on Fri. 4/9/99, NW heading. On AM Sat. 4/10/99, from Luxor Hotel 20th floor, observed five inoperable B-737s' on tarmac, three T-tails, 60-80 cars in parking lot. At 5:30 P.M. observed a sixth inop. B-737 on tarmac, 20-30 cars in the parking lot. Higher floors (18+) on Luxor hotel East side(hotel entrance side facing McCarran Intl') provides cleaest view of Janet ramp. South side also good. East side of new Mandalay Bay Hotel (South of and down the street from Luxor) may provide better view. It offers a greater number of floors. Binoculars are a definite plus and make observation more worth while.

-- Jose 4/15/99 (#4)
Flight plans for Janet flights

The Janet flights file VFR flight plans to "Mercury", or to "Desert Rock", (which is the same place). They sometimes go via Joshua Control, the California High Desert Air Controller. They will occasionally stop at Inyokern, a small airport 10 miles from NAWS/NAWC, China Lake, and discharge passengers. and China Lake.

-- Dr. Pepper 4/24/97 (#3)
UFO Sightings And More

I think using Janets are the most secure transportation available. It also makes you wonder if they ever haul aliens inside them. It doesn't matter to me, though, if they fly these giant aircraft to and from Groom Lake. The most outragious story is if these aircraft are actually UFOs in disguise!

-- Kenneth Green 12/26/96 (#2)
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