Nellis Air Force Base
and Nellis Range

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Nellis Air Force Base's primary mission is the training of pilots and support crews in realistic air combat exercises, the best known of which is Red Flag. The vast, Connecticut-size Nellis Range, northwest of Las Vegas, is managed by the base for support of these combat exercises. Also making use of the range are numerous aircraft and weapons testing programs, many of them secret. The Nellis-administered range surrounds, but apparently does not include, the block of land known as "Area 51" and the secret Groom Lake air base within it. (Area 51 appears to be under control of the Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB.) Nellis controls Indian Springs Auxiliary Air Field adjacent to the southern part of the range, and also administers, in conjunction with DOE, the Tonopah Test Range in northwest part of the range. Nellis Area II, a separate compound about a mile northeast of the main Nellis base, includes a high-security bunker complex that is a major national repository for nuclear weapons. [gc 10/20/96]

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