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Groom Lake Security Manual

Document submitted to Area 51 Research Center as the security manual for Area 51.

  1. Groom Lake Security Manual (39k+pix): A 29-page manual of general information for security guards at the Groom Lake base. Includes facsimile pages of original document. (6/20/95)
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  1. Hazardous Waste Lawsuit@ (14 links) - When this security manual was submitted as evidence, government insisted it was classified and made motions to have it seized. <#1>


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 Reader Comments Regarding "Groom Lake Security Manual" - Latest First
How do you know these people aren't just kids?

How do you know these people aren't just kids? I bet you only 1% or less was actually working for the military.

-- Anonymous 2/14/01 (#28)
Maybe...Maybe not... But use common sense.

I'm not very knowledgible about the military, and, to me, this "manual" looks more like some sort of training book or something like that, judging from the cover of it and the material inside. However, when I look at the comments posted here, common sense tells me that there are more poepl on the believers side that seem to know what they are talking about, as opposed to the debunkers. But, then again, that's just my humble honest opinion.

-- Christina 10/27/99 (#27)
disinformation or not

If area 51 or groom lake does not exist, then neither does MERINO (as in sheep) Sth West of the ALICE AUS !!! Signed SORCERER AUS

-- sorcerer ( ) 9/24/99 (#26)
Security Manual is authentic!!

Iam a prior Air Force Security Policeman. 18th SPS KAB. Okinawa. And have been investigating the illegal burning of materials at this facility. I can say without a doubt, that the manual is actual and not contrived. Do a little homework, and you also-may know the truth.

-- christen allen iman ( ) 7/13/99 (#25)
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