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EG&G is a government contractor providing a variety of services to highly secure installations.


[EG&G Energy Management Systems/Nevada]

History and Company Profile

Here is some of the information I have found about E.G.&G.: I provide this information with the disclaimer that all my sources are public information as listed, and any factual errors are unintentional. All speculation is my own, and in no way represents any viewpoint other than my own.

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In 1931, an M.I.T. professer named Harold Edgerton, invented the strobelite while researching the operation of electric motors. Dr. Edgerton failed to sell General Electric on the unusual lamp (much to G.E.s dismay later, I imagine). Joining with a former M.I.T. student, Kenneth Germeshausen, he formed a consulting company using the strobelite to analyze industrial equipment in motion. The strobelite enabled the motion of motors and other fast moving objects to be visually frozen for examination . Dr. Edgerton also is known as the father of high-speed photography. (Remember the photos of the bullet in flight, and the milk droplet frozen in mid-splash?)

As their consulting business grew, they were joined by Herbert Grier, another former M.I.T. Student.

Through their enterprise, Edgerton, Germeshausen and Grier came to work for the government during the testing phases of the first atomic bombs. When World War II ended, the U.S. Government found it was still in the business of building and testing atomic bombs, and asked them to assist in managing the further testing and developing of nuclear weapons.

On November 13, 1947 the three scientists formed a partnership called Edgerton, Germeshausen and Grier, and began gathering government contracts to assist in atomic tests in Nevada and the South Pacific.

Edgerton, Germeshausen and Grier Inc. became a public company in 1959.

After suffering years of tongue-twisting, the name began to be shortened to the acronym E.G.&G. , And was officially changed in 1966.

In the 1960s the company started to move into varied areas of expertise, and began a long period of acquisition, diversification and growth as a Defense Department and Atomic Energy Commission contractor.

As nuclear testing moved underground, E.G.&G. developed the proficiency not only to accommodate the development of this method of testing, but developed the systems and instrumentation to monitor foreign nuclear testing, above and below ground also.

Over the last 30 years, E.G.&G. has bought over 70 companies, including Reynolds Electrical and Engineering (REECo.), which provides support for the DOD and the DOE, including nuclear weapons testing at the Nevada Test Site.

In 1983, E.G.&G. began providing management and technical support for the Kennedy Space Center and the space shuttle program, including security, fueling, testing of the spacecraft electrical components, and managing the space center during shuttle missions.

E.G.&G.s site management experience also won it a place with the DOEs Nuclear Emergency Search Team, and a contract to manage the troubled Rocky Flats installation in Colorado after problems encountered by the former management under Rockwell International. Dr. Harold Edgerton died that year at 86.

With the ending of the cold war, and easing of the nuclear threat, the Department of Defense and Department of Energy began to eliminate and downsize programs.

E.G.&G., with its technical and management expertise from government military and nuclear research, is now edging into the private sector.

Some of the developments E.G.&G. Is working on and marketing, are undoubtedly spin-offs from defense, and national technical research and development.

As E.G.&G. has been a contractor on some of the Government's most secret projects, one may be able to venture a guess at what has been transpiring in government "Black" programs from the products and services E.G.&G. now markets.

EG&G Products

Here is just a short list of E.G.&G. products and services: (Boxed text [ ] are my comments)

Prostate Specific Antigen test: (PSA) to screen for prostate cancer long before symptoms appear. (Very low false positive results.)

AutoDELFIA(tm): total automated blood screening system to sample and print out results of up to 432 samples at a time. Compact X-Ray imager, enabled by E.G.&G.s Amorphous silicon sensors sandwiched on a glass panel, converts X-Rays to an electronic video image.

Bioimaging: using optical scanners to examine the body at the cellular level to enable analysis of the cell function directly instead of through its by-products.

Time-resolved fluorescence(TRF) and Bioluminscence: high-performance bioanalytical methods on the cellular and molecular level using light measurement and not radiation to detect cellular change or disease.

Micromachined sensors: tiny mechanical devices batch fabricated on silicon chips. Pacemakers, pumps and pressure meters reduced to 1/1000th their former size. Applications range from automobile airbags to miniaturized medical devices inserted through an intravenous line to monitor bloodpressure, or pacemakers that sense when the user is at rest or moving, and adjust the heartbeat accordingly. E.G.&G. Sensors are already being used by auto manufacturers. With airbag accelerometers; to turn on headlights automatically; to vary the reflectivity of rear-view mirrors [I have one, works great] to sense sunlight and regulate air conditioning for comfort; and to regulate the volume on premium in-car sound systems[Corvette ?]. Future automotive applications may be used in optical radar systems to apply brakes automatically to avoid collisions, and sensors to measure vibrations to alter the suspension ride [or foot traffic on mountain trails?].

Blower systems,power conversion devices and components: prime supplier of fuel pumps and heating and ventilating components to General Electric locomotives. Power conversion devices for passenger rail cars and trolleys.

Aviation components: Pressure seals, valves, micromachined sensors for the FAAs Collision Avoidance System, precision Titanium components, exhaust and ducting assemblies. Prime supplier for Boeing 737 exhaust components.

Air Traffic Management Systems: developed Enhanced Traffic Management Systems for the FAA and the military. [Similar to J-Star] E.G.&G.s X-Ray scanning systems: E.G.&G.s food inspection system is on line now at more than 50 food plants, triggering an alarm when it detects tiny metal chips or an unwanted object in the food. E.G.&G.s Z-scan(tm) can scan 1,200 airport bags per hour using X-rays. It detects suspicious objects, circles them with color on a monitor and shunts the bag aside for inspection. E.G.&G. Scanning systems are used all over the world for security screening at airports, prisons, schools and retail centers. [and probably high security installations]

Photography and optical sensors: E.G.&G. Markets and sells more than 80 million flashtubes per year for the photographic market in strobes and single-use cameras. E.G.&G. Light detectors control exposure and flash duration in cameras, and E.G.&G. makes a sensor for cameras and camcorders that detects jiggling and makes adjustments to steady the image. Optical sensors turn on lights, guide paper in copiers and scan bar codes .

E.G.& G. Divisions

EG&G Electronic Components
35 Congress St., Salem, MA
Triggered spark gaps, vacuum gaps, and thyratrons for high-voltage and high-energy switching. Military-qualified detonators, initiators, connectors, high-voltage switches, and trigger transformers.

EG&G Optoelectronics Canada, Ltd.
22001 Dumberry Rd., Vaudreuil, Quebec, J7V 8P7 Canada
Semiconductor laser dioides and detectors, infrared emitters, transmitter modules, silicon/InGaAs/P-I-N and avalanche photodiodes for applications in aerospace, defense, communications, industrial, medical, analytical and scientific instrumentation.

EG&G Optoelectronics - Electro-Optics
35 Congress St., Salem MA
Linear xenon and krypton flashlamps and arc lamps, bulb-type xenon flashlamps, analytical light sources, power supplies, trigger transformers, machine vision strobes, and electro-optic design and manufacturing services for commercial applications.

EG&G Optoelectronics - Heimann
221 Commerce Drive, Montgomeryville, PA 18936
TV camera tubes, large area amorphous silicon detectors, thermopiles and pyroelectric IR sensors, flashtubes and trigger coils. A broad range of opto components for many scientific, medical, industrial and consumer applications.

EG&G Optoelectronics - Judson
221 Commerce Drive, Montgomeryville, PA 18936
Infrared detectors sensitive in the 0.8 um to 42 um wavelength region for use in medical imaging, fiber optics, FTIR and a broad range of other scientific applications. Also, specialized detectors, cooler systems, preamplifier electronics, multi-element arrays and custom engineering services.

EG&G Optoelectronics - Reticon
345 Potrero Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94089
CCD imagers and photodiode array sensors for scientific, industrial, instrumentation, medical, astronomy, aerospace imaging, and OCR applications. Solid state camera systems for military, industrial automation and robotics. Analog delay lines and filters for communications, speech recognition and audio applications.

EG&G Optoelectronics - Vactec
10900 Page Avenue, St. Louis, Mo
Optoelectronic components, standard and custom-designed photodiodes, arrays, photocells and phototransistors, I.R. LEDs, sensors and opto assemblies for commercial applications such as smoke detectors, cameras, lighting controls, industrial controls, and medical and chemical instrumentation.

EG&G Power Systems
Almond Operations and CEA Operations
1330 E. Cypress St., Covina, CA
Low-voltage switching and linear power supplies, including DC-DC converters for defense/aerospace/FAA and high reliability applications.

EG&G Birtcher
4505 No. Arden Dr., P.O. Box 5268, El Monte, CA
Printed circuit board card guides, accessory products, PC3 racks and enclosures.

EG&G Frank Hill Associates
100 West 35th St., Suite G, National City, CA
Heat exchangers and air movers for cooling electronic systems, primarily for military applications.

EG&G KT Aerofab
203 No. Johnson Ave., El Cajon, CA
Precision aircraft exhaust components, bulge-formed metal parts for aerospace and industrial turbine engine industries. Precision titanium components for the aerospace industry. Exhaust and ducting assemblies. FAA certified repair station for Boeing 737 exhaust components.

EG&G Pressure Science
11642 Old Baltimore Pike, Beltsville, MD
Static seals and ducting systems. Customized and standard, high-reliability sealing components, joints, and ducting for containment of gases and fluids in aircraft engines, environmental control systems, and low-leakage environments.

EG&G Rotron Custom Division
9 Hasbrouck Lane, Woodstock, NY
Fans and blowers for cooling electronic equipment and for industrial and medical equipment, aircraft systems, and in-plant applications. Motors and related drive systems for computer peripherals and industrial machinery .

EG&G Rotron Industrial Division
North Street, Saugerties, NY 12477
Regenerative blowers to generate vacuum and/or pressure for a variety of applications including environmental and process gases. Solution and media agitation. Pneumatic conveying vacuum pickup and air blowoff. Central vacuum systems and air knives for industry.

EG&G Rotron - Biofiltration
North Street, Saugerties, NY 12477
Biofilters to treat VOCs and complex odors in air streams.

EG&G Sealol- Eagle
100 Pioneer Ave., Warwick, R.I.
Metallic bellows-seal valves for containment of expensive or hazardous fluids.

EG&G Sealol Engineered Products Division
15 Pioneer Ave., Warwick, R.I.

EG&G Sealol Industrial Division
50 Sharpe Dr., Cranston R.I.
Seals and bellows used in systems involving engines, motors, gear boxes, pumps, and compressors. Applications in aerospace, marine, military, petrochemical, chemical processing, and other industrial markets.

EG&G Wright Components
Route 96, P.O. Box 160, Phelps, NY
Solenoid-operated valves and mechanical valves. Relief valves and manifolds mainly for the aerospace industry.

EG&G Berthold GmbH & Co. KG
Calmbacher Strasse 22, P.O. Box 100 163, D-75312 Bad
Wildbad, Germany
Radiation measuring instruments for industry, science and medicine. Systems for industrial guaging using radionuclides and microwave technology. Devices for medical diagnostics and life science research using luminescence methods and a complete line of radiation protection instruments. Biotechnology instrumentation. Systems for environmental radiation monitoring.

EG&G Fiber Optics
Sorbus House, Mulberry Business Park, Wokingham
Berkshire, RG112GY, England
Fiber optic test equipment for laboratory and field. Chromatic dispersion, strain, attenuation, power, etc. Solid state monochromators.

EG&G Gamma Scientific
8581 Aero Dr., San Diego, CA
Instruments for measuring optical radiation and computer-controlled systems for spectral and spatial analysis of electronic and cathode ray tube (CRT) display. Radiometers, spectroradiometers, photometers, microdensitometers, optical spectrum analyzers.

EG&G Instruments/Princeton Applied Research
375 Phillips Blvd., Trenton, NJ
Electronic low-level signal detectors and analyzers for plasma research, fiberoptic measurements, laser diagnostics, and semi-conductor quality control. Signal averagers, amplifiers, and analyzers for research in spectroscopy and solid-state measurement. Electrochemical =BC=C4rosion rates. Sensors for liquid chromatography analysis.

EG&G Nuclear Instruments (ORTEC, Berthold)
100 Midland Rd., P.O. Box 0895, Oak Ridge, TN
Radiation detectors and associated electronics for nuclear research, environmental radiation monitoring, health physics, and industrial quality control. Products include silicon-charged particle detectors, germanium gamma-ray detectors, multi-channel analyzers, and wholebody and lung burden counting network

Wallac Oy
P.O. Box 10, FIN-20101 Turku, Finland
EG&G Wallac, Inc.
9238 Gaither Road, Gaithersburg, MD
Systems for performing assays in diagnostics, industry and life science research using radioactive and non-radioactive labels. Beta and gamma counting, luminometry and time-resolved fluorometry. Systems comprise reagents, measuring instruments and data management software. Environmental monitoring equipment based on liquid scintillation counting.

G&G Astrophysics
4031 Via Oro Ave., P.O. Box 22709
Long Beach, CA
Specialized x-ray security screening equipment for non-intrusive searches of luggage, mail, and large bulk containers at airport security checkpoints, courthouses, correctional facilities, nuclear power plants, and sensitive industrial locations where there is a need for interdiction of weapons, drugs, or explosives; walk-through metal detectors.

EG&G Marine Instruments
217 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA
Marine and environmental instrumentation and systems. Side scan sonars, sub-bottom profilers, acoustic releases, transponder navigation systems, current meters and environmental data acquisition systems. Hydrographic, oceanographic and geophysical applications for engineering/survey companies, research and academic institutions and the military. Systems to acquire and analyze environmental data for engineering design and impact assessment.

EG&G Moisture and Humidity Systems
217 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA
Moisture and humidity instruments. Hygrometers, chilled mirror hygrometer standards, DewTrak products, diffusion cell sensors for moisture and humidity measurements in laboratories, commercial industries and process applications.

EG&G Nuclear Instruments (ORTEC, Berthold)
100 Midland Road, P.O. Box 0895
Oak Ridge, TN
Nuclear radiation survey equipment for environmental cleanup, accident response. Portable gamma ray spectrometers, beta and neutron counters. Area monitoring and telemetry.

EG&G Instruments,
Process Measurements Division-Chandler
P.O. Box 470710, Tulsa, OK
2001 N. Indianwood Ave., Broken Arrow, OK
Physical and chemical property test instruments. High-pressure, high-temperature testers for thickening time, curing strength, viscosity and rheology of oil/gas well cement and drilling fluids. Instruments to measure pressure, moisture, gravity and density of hydrocarbons. Application-specific gas chromatographs for caloric content (BTU) measurements. Associated electronic packages to condition signals, gather, collect, and communicate data.

EG&G Instruments,
Process Measurements Division-Flow Technology
4250 E. Broadway Road, P.O. Box 52103, Phoenix, AZ
Turbine flowmeters and associated electronics for aerospace, industrial, and consumables applications. Repairs and recalibrations of flowmeters. Computer controlled flow calibrators for gases and liquids.

EG&G Automotive Research (ARA)
5404 Bandera Road, San Antonio, TX
Automotive testing for the automotive and petroleum industries and for the federal government. Testing of fuels, lubricants, tires, components, and vehicle emissions.

EG&G Dynatrend
24 New England Executive Park, Burlington, MA
Management services in transportation, physical property, physical and information security, and information technology to government agencies. [Cammo Dudes?]

EG&G Environmental, Inc.
Rt. 1, Box 5038, Grover Lane, W. Richland, WA
Environmental consulting, design, construction and operation of facilities for remediation, waste management and resource conservation.

EG&G Management Systems, Inc.
2501 Yale Blvd., S.E. Suite 102
Albuquerque, NM
Government facility management, operations and maintenance.

EG&G Management Systems, Inc. - Albuquerque Operations
2450 Alamo Ave. S.E., P.O. Box 9100
Albuquerque, NM
Custom engineering service for turnkey data acquisition systems, sensor fusion and feature extraction; threat analysis; electromagnetic pulse testing; hydrometeorology; security systems; C41 systems; underground imagery; system hardening and validation testing; pulsars, sensors, on-site setup and operator training. [Los Alamos and Kirtland AFB?]

100 Midland Road, P.O. Box 0895
Oak Ridge, TN
Engineering, technical support and training for nuclear energy and government, environmental and health physics.

EG&G Structural Kinematics
950 Maplelawn, Troy, MI
Laboratory testing of automotive components and systems. Fatigue, environmental, structural, and performance testing services. Experimental road simulation, and road load data acquisition and analysis services. Safety testing and heavy truck road simulation capabilities.

EG&G Support Services Corporation
119 Executive Way - Suite 304, Desoto, TX
Information technology services, facilities management, and environment, safety and health services to industry and government agencies.

EG&G Washington Analytical Services Center
1396 Piccard Drive, Rockville, MD
Engineering, scientific, and technical support services for defense, energy, space, environment and ocean programs to government agencies.

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