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Rachel Rave Party
Aug. 24, 1996

Calling all "Encountered People"! A Las Vegas production company and hypothetical UFO group plan "an all night political action rally and UFO watching vigil" -- aka a "rave party" -- in Rachel on Aug. 24. They plan to educate young people and prove to the government, through loud music, that we Americans are finally ready to handle the truth.

Advertizing Flyer for Party (25k)

Rave party/political rally to be held in Rachel, Nevada, north of Area 51, on Aug. 24, 1996. Price is $25 with tickets sold through Ticketmaster.

Read the Press Release from Zzyzx Productions and "The Center for the Study of Aerial Phenomenon" announcing the event. [ 7/31/96 Press Release | 8/9/96 Press Release ] Then see our comments and corrections below.

Their Web Site | Local mirror | 7/31/96 Press Release | 8/9/96 Press Release

The flyer above is being distributed in Las Vegas. [Larger version (92k) ] Here is the text...


AUGUST 24, 1996
1 800 683 5897
PIN #6262
This event is being held in close proximity to the AREA 51 geographical sector on the Air Force Nevada test Sight. "Officially" the facility doesn't exist but intrusion is a serious offense and signs at the boundaries state that USE OF DEADLY FORCE IS AUTHORIZED. Do not attempt to enter this restricted area.

(213)480-3232 - (714)740-2000
(805)583-8700 - (618)220-TIXS

Comments on Event

From Area 51 Research Center:

  1. No one we know in Rachel or in the Las Vegas UFO community had ever heard of Suttle or "The Center For The Study 0f Aerial Phenomenon" prior to the ID4 release, when they showed up in full force. As far as we know, no one from this group or Zzyzx Productions, both based in Las Vegas, has ever had contact with MUFON, the largest UFO group in Las Vegas.

  2. "The Center for the Study of Aerial Phenomenon" appears to be misnamed: Shouldn't it be "Phenomena"? -- unless it is only one phenomenon they are studying. The group has done no UFO research that we know of. Their first act appears to be this rave party.

  3. The organizers, apparently consisting primarily of the Suttle clan, describe this event as a "political rally" but everyone else is calling it a "rave party."

  4. A rave party, as we understand it, is a gathering of young people in the desert listening to very loud music. There's not supposed to be any drugs or alcohol -- but get real! Anything not set in concrete gets stolen at rave parties. These events are often held on dry lake beds away from civilisation, but this one will be held on private property in Rachel.

  5. None of the three fixed businesses in Rachel -- the Little A'Le'Inn, the Area 51 Research Center or the Quik Pick -- are affliated with this event, although all are willing to sell things to attendees.

  6. In early July, the chief organizer, a UNLV student, talked to me about his plans for a "political rally," but I said I didn't think it would be productive and declined to participate.

  7. The organizers have arranged with a local resident to use 4 acres of her 5-acre property for the event. Zzyzx Productions is supposed to post a $1 million liability bond and a similar bond for potential property damage.

Corrections to Press Release

  1. The release says: "Further information was sketchy until 1989 when a Las Vegas television station interviewed a former government physicist who told of aliens being held about 100 miles from Las Vegas at Area 51, Rachael, Nevada."

  2. Correction: The release implies a link between the Roswell incident and Area 51. It could be true, but to the best of our knowledge no such link has ever been established by credible researchers. The most respected Roswell researcher, Kevin Randle, claims there is no link.

  3. Correction: The release says, "The sheriff notified Major Jesse Marcel at the nearby army base." There is no evidence to support this. Sheriff Wilcox notified the military, but not Marcel himself.

  4. Correction (minor): Col. Blanchard ordered the Roswell press release, but it was issued by Walter Haut.

  5. Correction: The release says, "[Marcel] dispatched an intelligence team who retrieved more pieces of the spacecraft and brought them back to the base." Incorrect. Marcel claimed he was a member of the intelligence team that first visited the site, not that he dispatched it.

  6. Correction: The release says, "Area 51 itself remains so secret that its existence is still denied by the military." Not true. The Air Force now openly states that it "does have facilities at Groom Dry Lake." We know of no occasion where the Air Force has directly "denied" that the based exists; they have only declined to discuss it.

  7. The release says that most viewers of ID4 "don't know the movie is based on some pretty compelling evidence or the significance of the July 4th date."

  8. Typos: Many punctuation errors. "Bazaar" should be "bizarre."

Our Plan

  1. Since the party site is surrounded by empty land, it should be easy to observe without paying for a $25 ticket.

  2. The Research Center has scheduled its Leviathan Cave hike for the same weekend (probably Aug. 25) so we can hang out in Rachel the night before and observe. We will neither participate nor protest, but we might engage in sarcasm and anthropological observation. Remember: "Use of Deadly Farce Authorized."

  3. If you come, bring your own food and drink. If even 100 people show up, it will flood the Little A'Le'Inn and strip the shelves of the Quik Pick.

  4. Weather is pleasant this time of year -- not nearly as hot as Vegas at night, and perfect for camping at night.


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