This letter is reproduced here as received by us, without correction.

Subj:  RE: Abduction
Date:  Aug, 20 1996,  8:34 EDT
X-From: (Sarcasm)

Hello !

At first is was nice to see your interrest in OUR party....
As we cotiniued reading, our vision in seeing someone looking at this 
subject as WE do was gone.
Not just have YOU made FALSE statments in your page(s), but you also 
misinterpreted the hole idea of this event, as we where just about to 
MIRROW your page and your interrest, BUT we realized you have the wrong 
idea about the hole thing.

This is a party.... a FUN time for everyone to have..... it is also a 
celebration of our first amendment right!

Hope to see you there !
But you WON'T see US from OUTSIDE the property as you THINK you will!!!!

All the BEST to you and all your readers ?!?!?!?!

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