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Friday, August 09, 1996

For Immediate Release


NASA'S startling announcement of the existance of life on Mars arouses a ground swell of interest in aliens not seen since tho initial government coverup began in 1947.

On August 24, Rachel, Nevada, the closest privately owned property to the hyper-secret Area 51 complex, will be the site of an all night political action rally and watching vigil. lt is focused at young adults to increase their awareness of the probable of extraterrestrial visiting our planet. This event, sponsored by the recently formed Center For The Study Of Aerial Phenomenon, is expected to attract more than 500' people to the Rachel area. It will begin a year of discussions and events culminating in the largest celebration of alien interest of all time when Roswell' New Mexico is host to 150,000 participants the 50th anniversary celebration of the famous Roswell, New Mexico UFO crash.

History will recall that the week of July 4, 1947 brought a bazaar series of events to the Roswell area. A violent electrical storm brought an extraterrestrial spacecraft, apparently the victim of a lightning hit, crashing to the ground 75 miles northwest of the city. A local cattleman found remains of the craft, loaded same of it into his pick-up truck, and took it to the Roswell sheriff. The sherriff notified the nearby army base which dispatched an intelligence team who retrieved mare piecs of the spacecraft. The base commander then issued a press release saying that the Army had captured a flying saucer. Within hours the government went into damage contol posture and tried to pass the captured debris off as a crashed weather balloon.

Eye witness reports and clandestinely received government documents indicated that there had indeed been a crash and that autopsies were performed and the remains of the dead aliens as well as live captured aliens were taken to the highest security facility in the United States.

Further information was sketchy until 1989 when a Las Vegas television station imeviewed a forrner government physicist who told of aliens being held about 100 miles from Las Vegas at Area 51, Rachael, Nevada. Although his allegations have not been oonfirmed because of the government secrecy, area residents near Rachel, Neveda talk matter-of-factly of alien encounters and other strange phenomenon. Area 51 itself remains so secrct that it's existence is still denied by the military despite the release of countless photos taken before the adjacent property known as Freedom Ridge was seized by the miilitary and closed to the public last year.

Mr. Lawrence Suttle, of The Center For The Study Of Aerial Phenomenon says; "This event designed to attract the interest of a younger generation to the probability that we have been, and quite possibly corminue to be visited by extraterrestrial." Noting that the Roswell incident happened almost a half century ago, Mr Suttle added; "Most viewers of the movie ID4 were not even born when all this happened, they don't know the movie is based on some pretty oompelling evidence or the significance of the July 4th date. We intend to calmly and factually inform this younger generation of incidents that have occurred and ask thern to sign a petition to be presented to our leaders insisting our government release any and all information with no more cover up's. If life, as NASA say's, has existed on Mars it is obvious that it exists in other parts of the universe".

The Center is emphatic in stating that it doe's not intend to embarrass the Govermnent or point fingers at the lack of inforrnation given in the past. "We are sure that legitimate and compelling reasons exist for the past cover-up's but our leaders should know that wc are adults. We have faced world wars, nuclear threats, terrorist attacks, and countless natural disasters from Volcanic eruptions and earhquakes, to humcane's that have destroyed entire cities. We are smart, we are tough, we are reasonable, and we can take any news without fear or panic."

To call attention to these concerns and to attract the younger generation, the rally is planning to have music performances, native American drummers, concessions, and the sale of locally as well as native produced arts and crafts. Although the techno music, a modem day version of progressive jazz, is one of the main attractionss, another very interesting activity will be a tented area where interested people can sit and talk one-on-one with area residents and UFO enthusiasts sbout ominous activities they have personally observed. Mr Suttle says, "I think this kind of one-on-one discussion will bring home the real information better than any other method." A light show simulcast with techno music will simulate UFO's on giant screens along with actual footage of aerial phenomenon. Mr. Suttle says; "make no mistake, this is to be a great fun event. We are leaving VIP passes at the gate for any aliens now living on the base, and we are planning a special 'landing pad' should any low flying saucers decide to stop by. The music is for the young adults and I know tbe older generation will enjoy it too. As for the light show, and I am sure the local residents have never seen anything like this because, frankly, neither have I. I have been told by people who have seen it that it is absolutely spectacular." Tickets for the event can be purchased through Ticketmaster. Starting August 1, 1996.

Contacts Numbers:

Center For The Study Of Aerial Phenomenon Lawrence Suttle - 702-493-0738

Music and other events ZZvZx Productions; Mike Lacotta, or Jason, or Will - 702-822-1335

The Strange Events Of The Summer Of 1947

The week of July 4, 1947 brought a bazaar series of events not only to the Roswell area, but the entire southwest.

During seven week period surrounding the Roswell incident, over 850 sightings throughout the U S were reponed to thc Air Force alone. Of all the sightings, the following reports are the most respected:

It is of significance that all of these observations were made by either military personnel or civilian expens workig for the government whose powers of observation are rarely disputed.

Techno Music - The New Jazz

While the steady decline of jazz continucs, A new type of music har appeared recently that has taken on a following that continues to grow. techno music, as it is callod, seems to be the latest in a series of steps that has moved jazz from progressive, through jazz fusion and now to techno This new sound has brought new audience interest to 'improv' music. In a manner similar to the way jazz artists adds their own lines or variations to the music, techno music's DJ's do this by manipulating two record turntables so that the beats of two different records match while the main music lines are made to enhance the harmony of each other. Because each melding of sound requires an artist to run the turntables who has a feel for how the sounds will mesh together, no two performances are ever exactly alike.

Much like the original jazz backgrounds that it embraces, techno is usually played without a lyric. Unlike jazz, it is very danceable and that seems to be it's greatest attraction to the young adults who dance for what seems to be hours on end.

The audience that seems to like the techno sounds the most are young professionals. At any techno music festival, you will see parking lots full of BMW's, Explorers and other vehicles generaly associated with the new urban lifestyle. The choice of beverages is also indioative nf the typical techno music aficionado with bottled watet outselling alcohol by large margins much to the dismay of club owners hosting these events.

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