when: August 24, 1996, 6:00pm
where: Groom Lake; Rachel, Nevada
who: all ages
how much: $25

Stage #1 ... sighting at 6pm

t r a n c e + t e k n o

Stage #2 ... identified at 9pm

t r i p h o p + c o s m i c h o u s e

Stage #3 ... top secret

s p a c e f u n k

Drum Circle

The government has been withholding information pertaining to the secret base located at Area 51 on Groom Lake (it's a dry lake) from the people of the world. We want to know what is really going on there, and this is your chance to help find out ... while busting some phat trancey grooves on top of the speaker stacks. Abduction will have petitions ready for you to sign indicating that you want the government to tell us what is really going on. In essence, this is a political rally ... and an alien invocation at the same time. :) There will be multiple stages of sound totalling 150,000 watts pumping out the booming bass, plus concessions, lasers, and a medical tent.
800.683.5897 ext.6262

Brought to you by Zzyzx Productions, 8-up Productions, and G.C.D.

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