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     In addition to my blackworld investigations,  I am the host of "Oil of Dog" a 
weekly, two-hour new music/talk/trash radio show broadcast throughout Southeast 
     During the past couple years I've found a few interesting tunes worthy of your 

        "The Happening" by the Pixies from their 1990 CD "Bossanova"
          By far the best A51 song around.
                         "They've got a Ranch they call
                          number 51
                          Just lying there square-
                          baking in the sun
                          Can't see it at all --
                          less you're flying by"
     Also from the Pixies -- "Motorway to Roswell" from the 1993 CD
"Trompe le Monde" -- Tasty.

     Frank Black from his solo debut disc "Frank Black". Frank is the former Pixies 
leadman though in an interview with him he said, "I'm not the only UFO singer around". 
Not the only--but the best. The song: "Parry the wind High, Low". Vegas, alien 
abduction, etc.

                       "And if a ship meets your car. You know you
                         can't go too far.
                        They could treat you real nice
                         or put a tracking device...
                        Way down inside"

     Mr. Black told me  that he would like to visit the Area someday.  

     Not A51 specifically, but good;
                      Husker Du "Books about UFO's" from their compilation
                      disc "The Living End"
                      Stan Ridgway "Heat Takes a Walk/Lonely Town" from
                      the CD "Misquitoes". Nice desert mood piece

     And of course;

                      MEL TORME and the MEL-TONEs -- "Hit the Road to Dreamland"
                      from the record "Back in Town"

     Other songs that suck:
                      "Escape frome the Prison Planet" by Clutch. Terrible
                      -- Bob Lazar is mentioned as "Coming Over"
                      "The Area 51 Nucleonic Mix" by Eat Static.

                       Trance/techno is bad, but this painful. 'Welcome to Area 51"                           
                       compilation CD by Sire Records...really awful.

     A travelling Rave company recently conducted a western states tour...
the "show" featured multiple "quadrants" with names of "Mail Box                        
Road" -- "Zeta Reticulan Dub Dimension" and "The S-4 Test Lab".
     Government less-than-lethal/chemical weapons experiment? 

     If you know of anything else, please don't hestitate to post it.        
Mark Farmer


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