Souers UFO Reports


Witness: David L. Souers (former Rachel resident)

Date of Sighting: Summer 1978

Location of Sighting: Tempiute Mountain, NV (near Rachel)

Date of Report: Jan. 9, 1995

Transcribed by: Glenn Campbell, 1/16/95

[Following is an excerpt from a letter from DLS to GC. Posted by permission.]

I worked for Union Carbide at the Tempiute Mine in 1978-79...

While working with my father and another fellow, whose name I can't recall, in a tunnel at the 7100' level [of the mountain], we had a great show of a UFO and its capabilities. Our job for that night was to remove the equipment from the mined-out tunnel. We finished the job early and walked to the entrance to wait for our foreman, Julian Montano, to pick us up for our ride to the change room. While sitting on some timbers and finishing our lunches, my dad noticed a light in the sky and called our attention to it. The time was about 10:15, and there was no moon in the sky. The "light" was no brighter than a Magnitude 1 star or so and was moving in a steady direction from east to west. Just as I was about to remark that I thought it was a satellite, it started getting brighter and larger until it was approximately the size of a paper match end held at arm's length. Its color changed from blue-white to dull red as it got bigger. The steady course from east to west then changed instantaneously to the east-north-east and headed out between Worthington and Cherry Creek mountains. We watched this object for the next half hour or so and saw it exhibit unbelievable speeds, turning, accelerating as well as hovering once for five minutes or so. At its largest, it appeared to be approximately the size of a dime held at arm's length. We watched it until Mr. Montano came to pick us up. He also saw it, but only when it was high up. A couple of minutes after he arrived, it sped off to the west and we didn't see it again. Having watched numerous "mock dog fights" around and over Rachel, I know that nothing "conventional" could have performed like the craft we saw that night. As near as I can recall, this all happened late in the summer of 1978.

I saw two other strange "lights" while living in Rachel. One about 30 miles north of town and one just south of Coyote Summit. Neither of them were bigger than a bright star, but both flew erratic flight paths, i.e. high speed turns and accelerations.

When Cyprus Mines closed their underground operations in Bagdad, AZ, around 1965, my dad and many of the other miners went to the test site [Note 1] to work. Charlie Arrendale, one of his friends, was getting too old to mine and was hired as a security guard. Charlie told a story that was retold to me by my dad. One night all of the security personnel were taken to a small airstrip on the base. From the telling, it was of a size to accommodate small planes, so I don't think it was Area 51. The guards were told to station at intervals around the perimeter and told not to turn around and to "shoot on sight" anything that moved while looking away from the strip. After a half an hour or so, he heard a muted humming sound. About a half hour after the sound stopped, they were put back on the busses. He, Charlie, saw a small, circular tent on the runway as they were departing. It was made of camouflage material and was encircled by troops that stood elbow- to-elbow with their backs to the tent. They were all carrying automatic weapons. Two nights later they all were bussed to the strip again. While stationed once again on the perimeter, he heard the same sound. When they were leaving, he saw that the tent was gone. The guards were told never to speak of what transpired out there, but I for one am glad he did! My dad is dead now and I'm pretty sure Charlie is, too, so I'm sure "Big Brother" won't mind my relating it to you.

From Glenn Campbell:

Note 1: Locally, "the test site" refers to both the Nevada Test Site and the installations on the Nellis Range, including Groom Lake.


The father's name was Bob Souer.

I was able to locate the son of Charlie Arrendale, who says his father has been dead "five or six years." Confirms that Charlie worked at both Cyprus Mines and the Nevada Test Site. As far as the son knows, Charlie never worked as a security guard at the Test Site, but only as a miner digging tunnels for the blasts. The son doesn't recall Charlie telling a story like this, but says that Charlie "was a man who could keep secrets." For example, Charlie had a brother and ten sisters and the son never knew about them until late in his life. The son say that if Charlie told anyone his secrets, it would have been Bob Souer, who was his closest friend.

-- GC, 1/16/95