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Area 51 Claims & Theories

Area 51
Claims & Theories

Claims and theories relating to UFOs, conspiracies and secret operations at Area 51.

UFO Claims


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  1. "Aurora"@ - High-speed, high-altitude recon plane said to replace the SR-71 <#1>


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 Reader Comments Regarding "Area 51 Claims & Theories" - Latest First
I was taken

I was taken by a glowing craft.There was a green man who said "do not be afaid" then he took me to a star map

-- Dr Evil ( ) 1/17/00 (#16)
Why is it SECRET?

If the government wasn't doing something worth hiding then why are they hiding between the mountains and why is the security so tight? At least all the other military bases can be seen from the highway.

-- YNOT ( ) 11/4/99 (#15)

People, AREA51 is a front for an even bigger operation. Located just North East of Groom Lake at about 250 miles is an abandoned nuclear housing facility, where this unknown organization has been transporting equipment and personnel. They have been using the government's unkown highway system to travel from facility to facility. The legend of this system is unknown at this time. (clue: subterranian)

-- Remo ( ) 7/21/99 (#14)
I will gladly forgo the ''truth''

I don't believe aliens are among us moving between solar systems and so forth.I do believe there is life out there,and why not?We are living in only one of billions of solar sytems.However I do believe that if asteroids and commets can get here from distant far off places so could a satelite or vessel.Idont believe anything living could survive the trip.I would only hope our govt.would use anything it found to help maintain our security!

-- stephanie ( ) 7/6/99 (#13)
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