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Each of these links generates a specialized search for "Janet Equipment". If you find any interesting links in these searches, please add them to the appropriate page on this server. We rely on users like you to add new links.

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  1. *Metacrawler - A "meta search" that queries several search engines and correlates the results. The best web-wide search engine.
  2. *Yahoo - Search catagories & entries in the Yahoo index
  3. Altavista - Crude but fast. Try adding "+" to the beginning of the most important words.
  4. HotBot
  5. Inference Find - Links organized by location
  6. Infoseek | Lycos | Webcrawler | Excite

UFO-Specific Searches

  1. *CNI News - UFO-related newsletter.
  2. *CSICOP - Paranormal skeptics organization
  3. Ufomind Server via Altavista
  4. Ufomind Topic Search
  5. UFO BBS
  6. Saucer Smear via Altavista - Gossip on ufologists.


  1. Current Dejanews - Posted within the last 60 days.
  2. Older Dejanews

Newspapers (with free searchable archives)

  1. Excite Newstracker - Dozens of newspapers
  2. Las Vegas Sun - Including recent Associated Press stories. Fast & easy.
  3. Deseret News (Salt Lake City) - Including some New York Times News Service
  4. Christian Science Monitor - National news articles back to 1980
  5. Orange County (CA) Register - Archives beginning Oct. 1996
Each of the above links generates a search for "Janet Equipment".

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